From a logo to a whole unique branding!

As you can see I prefer designing sleek corporate identities. Less sleek? No problem!

When designing a corporate identity I always keep in mind where and how it will be used. Of course for daily use but, for example, if your brand should also be embroidered on clothing or when you need your car wrapped in your branding ... things to keep in mind. Especially when the logo should also work in contrast.

Marcows ... Be Unique

Interaction Design

Interact one-on-one with your customers

For example ... let your customer generate their own pizza by adding ingredients without reloading the page:

Start Over Order Now

Do you have a customizable product or service and want to know the possibilities? ... give me a shout!

Marcows ... Be Unique

User Interface Design

From Sketch to Prototype to Release ...

A good User Experience (UX) can only be arranged with a good User Interface (UI)

My job as UI designer is to make it so that the interface through which the client interact with the website, application or game is as close to ideal as possible.

Good UI leads to good UX!

Marcows ... Be Unique

Website Development

Are you looking for a reliable partner?

A complete unique website or webshop?
I can take care of all your wishes ... with or without wordpress behind it.

A feeded webshop from your supplier? No problem!
Connect your cash register with your online shop? No problem!
Store users' choices localy first? No problem!
Combine on- and offline databases? No problem!

Marcows ... Be Unique

APP Development

Always wanted to see what your ideas look like on an app?

With pure JS and Cordova or Ionic/AngularJS I can program the most beautiful cross-platform hybrid applications for your company.

Using the UI of existing frameworks or by making our own User Interface ... I'll make something efficient and beautiful.

I love to program the User Interface from scratch with your desired functionalities.

Marcows ... Be Unique


Making ideas into reality

I love new ideas but also old problems and love brainstorming about them. I'm sure we'll find a fantastic solution for your needs!

From a better website to a usable app for your sales departement. Online and/or offline solutions ... just give me a shout!

Marcows ... Be Unique

About me

As a proud father of three beautiful young teenagers I live, together with my wife and kids, in Chiang Mai Thailand.

From here I serve my clients remotely since 2011.

After graduating from "The Graphic Lyceum" in the Netherlands in 1993 I'd different jobs. From Billboard designer/marketing ending up at a fantastic design company where I was team leader/developer for Digital Marketing. In 2001 the company unfortunaly stopped and I made the choice to start as an entrepreneur.

After setting up 3 different companies (Dotcom media in 2001, Flavour media in 2006 and Flavour Asia in 2011) I descided to go back to a freelance life using my knowledge and creativity for my clients and maybe you?

Marcows ... Be Unique

How can I serve you?

I'm open for any remote task. From designing to programming to managing, as part of a team or on my own.

Short or long time projects? No problem!
I can handle different timezones.

Let's be Unique together!

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